Which hair color is the hardest to dye?

  • Red hair is the most difficult to dye because pheomelanin is a stable pigment. You must first bleach it before you can paint it another color.
  • You must also bleach black hair before you can make it a different color. But it is challenging to decolorize. If you want it to be blond, you have to leave the peroxide on for a very long time. First, it turns orange before it turns blond.
  • Brown hair is already a little easier. You can dye it darker quite easily. But this color also first turns orange when you blonde it, although it takes less time to get blonde than black hair.
  • In blond hair, everything becomes visible reasonably quickly, but with some shades of (usually light) blond hair, there is a chance that it will turn green if you want to go darker. This is because there is not enough pigment in it, you will first have to add ‘heat’ (red) to be able to go to brown.

But the question remains of course, why would you want to dye your hair? Embrace your hair color!

Who is the least likely to turn gray?

  • As a redhead, you have a lot of red pigment pheomelanin, and it stays in the hair for much longer. As a result, red hair hardly turns gray. When it turns gray, it first becomes a bit less bright and changes to soft-pinkish blonde colors before it finally turns silvery white.
  • Blond hair is generally the fastest gray because, as a blonde, you have much less pigment in your hair than the other hair colors.

Which hair color is worth the most?

  • Blond hair yields 3x as much as dark hair.

Who brings the most happiness?

The tradition in Great Britain is that the person who wishes you the first Happy New Year determines how lucky you will be that year.

  • Brunettes bring you good luck.
  • Blondes don’t bring you happiness at all.
  • Redheads bring you bad luck. But they have a challenging time when it comes to superstition when you look at history.

How do you come across to others with a particular hair color?

  • Blondes have more fun … Blondes are seen as someone you can have fun with and as flirtatious, youthful, and more accessible.
  • Brunettes are often seen as smart, serious and independent.
  • Durable, mysterious, romantic, passionate, seductive, and fiery; they are all traits that are contributed to redheads.
  • Black hair is associated with words such as insightful, profound, and spiritual.

Funny fact: Recently, the idea that men find blondes more attractive has been undermined by scientific research. It turns out that men prefer brunettes, but dare to approach blondes sooner.

Other fun facts – Red Edition

These are all about redheads, but they are exceptional:

  • Redheads make their vitamin D because they are unable to absorb it well due to the lack of eumelanin in the sun.
  • Redheads are more challenging to anesthetize and on average, require 20% more anesthesia.
  • Redheads are more sensitive to heat and cold than other hair colors and have a lower pain threshold.
  • Redheads have their day: Red Head’s Day. This was recently held in Breda.

What did you find most striking about learning about your hair color and the other hair colors?

I am very much looking at all the extraordinary things about red hair, such as that with red hair you do not get gray.

Being a brunette, I also enjoyed reading how you come across with brown hair to others, such that brunettes would bring more happiness and that they are often seen as smart and severe. What interests me immensely, also how the other colors come across to people, but just the psychological part I find fascinating. I also found it very striking that men seem to prefer brunettes more than blondes. Not that I care very much, I already have a boyfriend, and it says nothing about your happiness in love, but I especially enjoyed discovering that they do such investigations!

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