Useful Tips for Oily Hair

1. Try to stretch your washes/wash you’re hairless

It may sound contradictory, but it can help. The more you wash your hair, the more sebum your sebaceous glands produce. With less washing, you can teach your sebaceous glands that with a little luck it is ok to make less sebum.

2. Live as healthily as possible

It may be a bit of a clich√© to pull the health care back, but it also contains some truth. A good night’s rest, exercise, and healthy food all have an impact on your health and therefore, your hormone system.

3. Avoid stress

If only it were that simple, there was only an on and off switch for fear. Because stress can entirely mess up your hormones. No matter how difficult it is, try to avoid stress, take a breather from time to time, and grab your moments of rest.

4. Brush with a BBB

With a Boar Bristle Brush, you can comb the sebum that has collected on your scalp towards your dots so that it is better distributed over your hair. You can also do this with your fingers.

5. Wash your hair in the morning

I secretly prefer to shower in the evening. But when I am asleep, my sebaceous glands work overtime again. By taking a shower in the morning, you still win a few extra hours.

6. Turn the heating down a little.

Being cold is not pleasant. But it is better to dress extra warmly than to switch on the heater because the dry air and heat dry out your skin and hair so that your sebaceous glands produce more sebum.

7. Shower less hot

We are all tempted during the cold autumn and winter days, but it only dries out your hair and damages it, while the heat further increases sebum production.

8. Don’t touch your scalp too much.

By touching you stimulate the sebaceous glands.

9. Do not use hard shampoos (avoid sulfates)

Shampoos with sulfates or other highly cleansing ingredients dry your scalp and hair. Then your scalp will compensate by making more sebum.

10. Do not use heavy conditioners on your scalp.

Some conditioners, often those with silicone and non-drying oils, can weigh your hair down. If you apply it to and on your scalp, your hair will soon be flat and stick to your scalp, as it were. That you put in your hair. It becomes limp and lifeless and lies flat. This makes it look fatter, but it also gets fat faster. There are also conditioners that you can use on your scalp. They often do not contain silicones.

11. Use dry shampoo

This is a rescue for those moments when you cannot wash or want to wash your hair. It makes your hair look a little fresher between washings.

12. Do it internally

Sometimes certain foods or herbs can help you. I have heard stories of people who have been successful with Beer Yeast Supplements or with Large Burdock Root. Unfortunately, I have not achieved any results with this. Some herbs can help bring your hormones back into balance if hormone management is upset. Always be well informed first, preferably consult a herbal therapist before you get started.

13. Wear camouflage hairstyles.

Some hairstyles are even better if your hair is a little greasy, such as braids. Make good use of it!

14. Lift your hair at the hair starter

Shake your hair nice after showering. I always shake my hands through my hair to release it from my scalp. You can also blow-dry your hair with a specialized diffuser attachment (still in the cold position of course) while hanging upside down with your head or lying on the floor with your hair up.

Would you like to help others with the same problem? Then share your tips against greasy hair, someone may be eternally grateful to you.

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