In addition to having my own ideas about long hair, I asked about 50 ladies with long hair or who would make their hair grow long if they wanted to name one thing why long hair is so great.

It keeps you nice and warm

Occasionally I wish I had meters of hair so that I could wrap it around me for warmth. I really am cold. Your hair will keep you a lot warmer during the harsh winter months and the still fresh summer evenings. Long hair is basically just a hat, earmuffs, face warmer and scarf all in one! And it also gives a sense of security. You can hide behind it as well if you have a less good day.

You are always covered, even without clothing

For those moments when your breasts suddenly decide to play peek-a-boo, you can always quickly cover them with your hair. Seriously, you don’t want to know how often bikini tops do what you neglect to do in the first place, just after you’ve taken a dive in the water and surfaced.

It is versatile

Is long hair dull? How did you come up with that?! You can do so much with it! You can even pretend that you have short hair, but much more fun is, of course, all those crazy braids that you can make with your hair. Or all those funny buns with hair sticks. And even if you don’t feel like it, ponytails are also megakicke with long hair. Or you just wear it nice and loose. So much choice!

It’s easy

It surprises most people because they already see you carrying liters of shampoo, but long hair really doesn’t need as much as many of us think.

So it is not necessary to wash your entire hair with shampoo, only the top of your scalp is enough. And the buns and braids are really not as difficult as they seem, you don’t want to know how many buns you can make in less than 30 seconds.

In addition, styling often requires little, often a little oil on the tips, comb through, and you’re ready for the day.

Long hair is so easy that this was actually the most mentioned answer in my mini-survey.

It makes you feel sexy

That men find women with long hair generally more attractive is something that has emerged from several studies. Has something to do with that long hair would represent fertility.

But who cares what people think. Many of the girls who responded to my assignment, and I, just feel sexier with long hair. And that doesn’t necessarily have to do with men. For many women, their hair is part of their identity. ” It is a symbol of my femininity,” is an answer that I have seen several times. And also: “It makes me feel mysterious” and “It makes me feel powerful .”

Okay, okay, I admit, men secretly contribute a little to this. It’s great to see your guy enjoy the way you let your long hair glide over his chest. 😛 One person said: ‘The way my friend looks at me when the wind plays with my hair makes me feel so beautiful and loved. ”

You save enormously on hairdressing costs

No more having to go to the hairdresser every six weeks to trim your hair, but simply let it grow nicely and only cut it when necessary. You do not want to know how much it saves you. And let me also just cut my hair myself, so I went from more than 300 euros in a year to around 30 euros in a year for the one time that I still visit a hairdresser! (Uhm, I keep my mouth shut about the costs of hair masks and oils that I have in a year haha)

You can make great hair clips

I’ve always wanted to do that! Swim nice and then when you come up – with bikini top where it should be – your wet hair from the front to the back. Also trampoline jumping with long hair is so incredibly fun to do.

It feels wonderful

Long strands that caress over your skin, there is no finer feeling. And nicely put your hands through your hair, play with it, bury your face in it. A striking answer was from someone who said, “I just love to smell it .”

You have an excuse to take a good moment for yourself

Enjoy hair masks and oil turns. Rooting the fridge to make your own hair blend; bananas, eggs, coconut milk, avocado, grapefruit juice; everything is possible. And if your guy starts to moan about all the time you spend in the bathroom or looks weird when you take a box of eggs to shower, you just say, “ You think my long hair is so sexy, right? ”Well, he also enjoys the benefits of your long hair, so he has to share the ‘suffering’ anyway. 😉

You no longer need toilet paper

Haha, okay this is very wrong, but I can’t help it. I always joke about how long I want her to wipe my ass off. If I ever come to classic length and have no toilet paper in the range, I don’t think I will wipe my female parts with it, but that I could do it in principle is cool enough.

It provides you with pens

I’m not saying you should go pickpocketing, but your hair has its own will from time to time. I always lose pens, and my hair is so sweet to then constantly provide me with new pens. A waitress only has to walk a little too close with a pen on her clipboard or breast pocket and whop, my hair claws around the pen and before I know I have a pen hanging in my hair. Other objects are also not safe, but occasionally your hair is also not safe from those objects, because believe me, being tied to someone’s bracelet is a little less haha.

It is ideal for when you have to go for something

Easiest Halloween costume ever! You fling your hair forward and voila: Cousin It! Even if you regularly scour Fantasy Fairs, your long hair will come in handy to create the coolest looks.

Hair accessories, hair accessories, hair accessories

It is an addiction for many long-haired people. Hair sticks, Flexis, hair forks, ficcares, and so on. Before you know it you have more hair accessories than garments. : P They are just so much fun! I also have a drawer full of haha.

And suppose: you are doing something where you actually have to wear her up, but you do not have a hair accessory with you. Then you just grab a pencil? The world is your playground!

It is wonderfully contrary

Here in the Netherlands, long hair is reasonably acceptable, but people start to look a bit weird if it’s longer than the waist. And if you have reached a certain age or if you have become a mother, short hair is suddenly the norm. Shit at what others think and shit at what everyone thinks you should do. Do what you want. And if that makes your hair grow long, then you just have to do that!

You can surprise people with it

I don’t really have thick hair, so my buns are rather small. And I know that many girls, no matter how long their hair is, suffer from it. But do you know what fun is? That moment when I throw my hair out of that bun and people with the open mouth are watching how long my hair actually is. And then mine isn’t even that long, imagine if you have her all the way up to your ass. Great that look of surprise. Do you think my bun is small? Bam! Loosen, and they will never make a comment again about how small your bun is.

It is also very nice if you always wear your hair up, then suddenly with loose hair appear somewhere.

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