I have one thing for men with good hair. It doesn’t necessarily have to belong, but those beautiful, loose, curly locks make my heart beat a little faster. – Just say a whole lot faster – Hair where you can get your hands through and bury your face in. Shavings. Mmmmmm …

Chris Hemsworth

The fact that the Marvel films are so popular has probably nothing to do with all the sexy actors who play in them. – No. Uhum. I do not believe it. – I have seen most in the cinemas and women were continually going on and aaah. I am just as guilty of that, especially during a specific scene in Thor: The Dark World, in which a particular person takes off his shirt.

Chris’s acting is rock-solid, his body just as divine as the god he plays, his voice more profound than the deepest ocean and his hair gives the final blow. Beautiful blonde locks, and that while I usually do not like light blonde at all. This is also such a man that I like both short and long hair, and that is rare. And oh yes, those Thoréal parodies on the Loréal commercials are hilarious!

Aidan Turner

You should see Aidan’s hair in action. Then it comes into its own. Those dark, romantic curls. Who can resist that?

Few women, if you rely on the success of BBC’s Poldark, in which the Irish 32-year-old actor plays the lead. Every episode we can see him galloping with his beautiful hair along the cliffs of Cornwall on his horse, and we regularly get to see a glimpse of his bare torso. And that has made quite an impression on women – and men – all over the world because the internet exploded almost during the first season of Poldark. And luckily for us, they are now filming the second season! – It is also an excellent series, not to mention, so be sure to check it out if you like costume dramas.

Jared Leto

If there is anyone who has started a hair revolution in Hollywood, then it is Jared. Men, do I have to say more? Even a braid is not crazy enough for Jared. And who can forget that moment that he won an Oscar and stood there on stage with his long ombre hair?

The actor and frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars not only ensured that women all over the world fell into a cat fool, but also that they became mega-jealous of his hair. Even actress Anna Kendrick joked on Twitter that Jared had better hair than she did. It also shines like crazy, but I have to say that I also thought it was a bit too neat and polished, I love cute, wild hair. But tastes differ. 😉

Unfortunately, his long hair had to be removed again for his role as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. However, the filming has ended, so hopefully, he will let it grow a little longer.

By the way, can you believe that man is already over 40? Unbelievable.

Kit Harrington

People have been trying to get me to watch Game of Thrones for years. Without success, I didn’t have to think about it. Until today, while doing ‘research’ for this article (I want to do this kind of research every day), I came across a photo of Kit.

That incredibly dark hair, those curls, that hair length and then also those pathetic puppy eyes and the soft face. I suddenly feel the urge to hug that man. Even if they had only shown me a picture of Kit, I would have already started on Game of Thrones.

Simon Baker

I was devastated that the Mentalist stopped doing it, even though they had gone too long because that meant that I couldn’t look at the cute dark blond curls of the Australian Simon every week. I wish I could step through the TV and get my hands through his hair. It looks so full & firm; I want to feel!

Orlando Bloom

Orlando was perhaps my first Celebrity crush. I remember precisely that moment when I was in the beginning, and we went to see Pirates of the Carribean during the English lesson – yes, I had an excellent teacher. – Everyone went loco for Johnny, but I was much more interested in Orlie.

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit trilogy he plays a blonde elf with mega-long hair, but give me the real thing. Those boyish, full-bodied brown, wavy locks created feelings in me that I didn’t know I had until that moment. My love for male curls was a fact after PotC.

What a happy lady that young Keira Knightley (one of my favorite actresses by the way) can kiss in one film and Orlando and Johnny.

Johnny Depp

I wasn’t sure if I should put Johnny Depp on this list. Because come on, what nice men’s record is he not on? Okay, well deserved for the most part, but if I’m honest, I think that time is starting to take its toll on Johnny. – Don’t shoot me, it’s just my opinion – But then I see those old photos with that tight long hair, and then my ovaries start rattling again, and I know he just can’t be missing from this list.

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