My beloved Tangle Teezer

Because why should I suspect my TT of that, have not so many people declared it the best brush for detangling? And not so long ago I called him 1 of the eight things for my hair that I can’t do without, and I always mention him in my tips against split ends.

Although I was a bit hesitant at the beginning – especially the scary noise that the brushing made gave me goosebumps, the wrong kind – it didn’t take long until I was convinced of its proper functioning. There is no comb or brush in the world that I can easily brush my tangles with. And I couldn’t live without it. I recently lost it for another two weeks, and then I hysterically flipped my entire house to discover that it was just in a drawer where I never put it.

An unexpected answer

But this weekend, after having done a haircut not long ago, I discovered that my hair was really full of split ends from head to toe. I had to cut again, and I expressed my frustration in a facebook group whole of long-haired people: ‘What am I doing wrong? Is it the paint damage in combination with the length? ”

And the answer I received then shocked my world; ” It’s the Tangle Teezer.” And if only one person said it; no, a lot of ladies told me about this.

My beloved Tangle Teezer, a torture instrument ?! No, I didn’t want to believe it. But then I went to look for evidence, I googled and went off to hair forums, and to my horror, numerous nasty stories came along about how the Tangle Teezer had ruined the hair of many.

All victims …?

What seems? Some said they immediately noticed that there were all broken hairs in their TT after brushing. Others noted that their TT did a great job in the beginning, but the pins slipped very quickly, and then they damaged the hair. Especially people with already damaged and weaker hair told that the Tangle Teezer was a real disaster for their fur. – Rara, I just dropped into the soft hair category with my beautiful hair and paint-damaged dots – So many negative stories, and I recognized the things they mentioned, mostly broken hair and split ends also high at the top of your hair.

There were also people who said they were not bothered by anything. I came across several polls, and it seems to be fairly 50/50 divided, good experiences versus bad experiences. But then you will always see that you fall precisely in the wrong group.

Back to 2 years ago

While reading all those stories, I started thinking back for myself. I can still get it very well. It was about two years ago that I looked in the mirror one winter evening and saw destruction; broken hairs that protruded and split ends everywhere. And I remember well that I didn’t get it, I was desperate. Because I was doing so well. At one point, I had reached a point where I could barely detect split ends after even half a year, and now suddenly my hair was full of it. How? And why?!

Broken hair or just new hair growth?

In the beginning, I was convinced by other hair growers from the forum where I was sitting then that better care of my hair was responsible: it would be new hair growth. And yes, there was undoubtedly new hair growth in between, which made it so confusing. Because at some point I really could not ignore the fact that a large part was just broken hairs, witnessed by the split pieces and white dots. Then came the idea that it was paint damage, and that now (even after stopping painting) it was expressed in split ends because it merely became longer. But with proper care everything would be fine, I was assured. No reason to panic. Nobody came up with the suggestion that my Tangle Teezer, which I started using 2 or 3 months before, could be the culprit.

So to improve my hair condition I tried everything, I completely changed my hair routine the last two years, and so it went better (with the right product), and it went completely wrong again. And two years later and it had only gotten worse. Even at the time that I bleached my hair, dyed continuously it, took a permanent one, released the curling iron and regularly worked with the hairdryer, I didn’t have as many split points as I do now. Sure, a lot at the bottom of my hair, so I had to cut regularly, but never so high at the top of my hair as now. And I became more and more convinced that there had to be something particular that caused this, but what then? That was the big question. And now, after all this time, I may have found the culprit. One I never expected.

If only I had known this before!

Why didn’t anyone warn me? Why didn’t I look beyond the experiences of my online hair friends? Some horror stories that I read date back to 2011! All the damage that might have been prevented. Who knows, I might already have had my dream hair on my waist! * Sob *

Perhaps I am a bit premature because I don’t know anything yet, and I don’t want to believe it, but it just falls into place. Now, in retrospect, the use of the TT and the sudden emergence of split points really coincide. That I didn’t think about it at the time ?! Oh, I feel so stupid. But so many people kept saying that the TT was great and indeed, it removes tangles like no other. So then you don’t look for the cause. It is also a coincidence that others with bad experiences describe precisely what I am struggling with and they really point the finger at the Tangle Teezer with an accusing finger. I would be stupid to deny that and keep using my TT without seeing how it goes without.

Goodbye Tangle Teezer

So the love is over. My Tangle Teezer is lonely, untouched in almost forgotten hair accessories. And my hair is unfortunately quite short this weekend, hopefully for the last time.

Farewell to my Tangle Teezer, a farewell of 10 cm length and hopefully now farewell to those annoying split points. A new start, up to waist-length! (And looking for a wide-toothed comb and saving for a Mason Pearson brush 😛)

A warned person counts for 2

I am happy that I now know what a Tangle Teezer can do. Who knows, it may not be the culprit, but still. At least I now know that you should never assume that something works just because it works for someone else. Stay critical and keep an eye on her if you are going to try something new.

Do you also suddenly struggle with split ends, exceptionally high in your hair, and you do not know where it is and do you have a TT? Put him aside and see if it makes a difference. Don’t draw conclusions after a week, but give it a few months. Who knows, you can prevent much worse this way. And if your TT is not the problem, then at least you know it for sure.

For now, I am going to look at how things are going without the Tangle Teezer. I’ll keep you informed!

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