There are many types of sales, from all kinds of different brands and to all types of hair colors. But anyone who has ever used it probably knows that most of them really stink, they also make your hair feel dirty and are full of nasty ingredients that you would rather not have on your skin and hair.

Fortunately, there is also an alternative. You can easily make dry shampoo yourself. And that with simple ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen cupboard. The good thing is, you can also adjust it to your hair color and determine the odor yourself. Let’s quickly see what we need.

Ingredients & Preparation

The base

First, we need a basis for our dry shampoo. Something that absorbs fat and matters your hair. You can choose from:

  • Arrowroot (this absorbs very well)
  • Flour (you can also make almond flour, for example)
  • Corn starch (Corn starch)
  • Corn flour (gives a golden glow)

You can choose one ingredient for the base, but you can also mix different ingredients if you like. I only go for Arrowroot myself.

The color

For light hair colors, the basis may be enough, but with dark hair colors, it often gives a grayish tint, so it is useful to add some color.


If you have blond hair, you are already ready. You only need the basics. You can add some powdered chamomile petals.


With only the base, brown hair may still appear gray, so it’s nice to add a little more tan to your dry shampoo. Depending on whether your hair is light brown or dark brown, you can add more or less. The standard is 50/50 primary/ color. You can go, for example:

  • Cocoa powder (Choose unsweetened, because sweetened often contains dextrose and that makes your hair sticky. Also make sure that you do not take ‘too good’ cocoa powder, which is a bit fatter in itself, so go for a cheap but without additives)
  • Coffee powder
  • Cinnamon (I have no experience with this yet, but I can imagine that this is slightly burning on your scalp, so first test this for yourself.)


You can usually use the same ingredients as brunettes, but you may want a little more red. Then you can go, for example:

  • Red clay
  • Pumpkin powder
  • Clove (I saw this on Pinterest, but also here I can imagine that it is not pleasant on your scalp and besides, I do not know if you have ever smelled cloves? I do not think that makes you happy.)
  • Powdered poppy leaves

De Smell (optional)

Many of the ingredients themselves already feel nice, think of cocoa powder, but it can also be helpful to add some extra scent. You can do this with:

  • Essential oils (Mix well and no more than ten drops per 100 grams)
  • Powdered scented flowers (eg, powdered lavender)
  • Vanilla extract powder / Vanilla sugar or put a vanilla pod in your dry shampoo

I went for a van Cinnamon Bark and Sweet Orange, but afterward, I only smelled cocoa.


  • Before you start, it is wise if you do not have all your neat clothes on and you put something of a towel or something that can get dirty on the floor.
  • Take a gentle big clean powder brush and dip it in your dry shampoo. Shake it off a little. Otherwise, your dry shampoo will be everywhere.
  • Apply the powder to your scalp and your hair roots. Do not apply it from root to tip.
  • Massage the powder in and let it sit for a few minutes so that it has time to absorb the fat.
  • Then comb out your dry shampoo. Leaving it in can make your hair look dull and cause scalp irritations. And besides, you won’t be happy if it gets wet in the rain and you still have a lot of powder in your hair, because then you’ll get a paste.
  • In the beginning, your hair may seem a little dull, but this usually pulls away. Otherwise, you should try combing a little more or use a little less next time.
  • And that was it! If all goes well, your hair will look a lot fresher again!

Before and after

Wow! I did not expect that this would work so well! I have occasionally bought dry shampoo from the Kruidvat, but I didn’t like this at all. I tried it once with talcum powder, but it didn’t make my hair any better. So I was a bit skeptical, but this is great! I usually have to wash my hair every day now that autumn has started, but with this, I refreshed my hair very quickly, without it looking dull. And even the second day after application, my hair is not as greasy as before. Also, my hair smells deliciously of chocolate! Perhaps this is finally what I can use to do washes, something I’ve been trying for years. I am thrilled! 😀 But – yes I have to stick one to it – I am curious how my scalp will react to it in the long term, so I don’t dare to stretch my washings with dry shampoo for a week.

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