Cheerful colors in your hair? Beautiful curls to the very bottom of your dots? Who would not want that? With a Paranda it is possible!

A what? A Paranda, or sometimes also called Parandi, is actually an Indian hair accessory. It consists of 3 long strings of the most beautiful fabrics and is decorated with all kinds of beautiful hangings.

You can buy them (for example on eBay), but you can also make them easily yourself. Popular among the Long-Hair Community is a simplified version of the Paranda, for which you only need a ball of wool. How do you make it? I’m going to show you!

Step 1 – Choose Yarn & Color

Choose a nice yarn. You can take wool, but cotton or acrylic is also suitable. Acrylic is the most suitable because it does not absorb the moisture from your hair. I went for cotton because I crochet hugs and therefore have a lot of cotton balls.

I chose a red color, which matched very well with my red dress and jacket that I wore that day and with my golden brown hair color.

Step 2 – Determine the length

Decide how long you want your Paranda to last. For this, you measure from the place where you want to start braiding to the point where you want your Paranda to end. You lose length with braids, so add at least 20 cm. The intention is to make the Paranda finish longer than your own hair.

I wanted to finish mine below the waist, so I went for a length of 1 meter.

Step 3 – Cut

Time to cut your yarn. You must eventually have 3 × 10 wires. You are going to fold the threads in half, so you have to make every string twice as long as you want the Paranda. I want a Paranda of 1 meter long, so I make every thread 2 meters.

Form 1 strand with 10 threads. And fold the strand in half. You have to make 3 strands.

Step 4 – Buttons

Now comes the hardest part. You have to tie the 3 strands together. You do this as follows:

  1. Lay the 3 strands with the folded side (the loop) together.
  2. Grab 1 strand (strand 1) and cut it through the ‘loop’ of another strand (strand 2).
  3. Grab the remaining strand (strand 3) and put it with its loop around the ends of the strand
  4. Then take the ends of strand 3 and cut it through the loop of strand 1. You have now formed a kind of triangle.
  5. Then pull the strands and you have your knot!
  6. Are you stuck? This video can help you:

Step 5 – Braiding

It takes some getting used to braiding the paranda. That is why it is best to practice with a loose basic braid before braiding.

The knot of the paranda must be under your braid. Add 1 strand of the Paranda to each strand of your braid. Then you braid.

Braid all the way to the end of the Paranda and then tie a knot. This gives you a nice full long braid, where you do not damage your hair with rubber bands and you get curls that go all the way to your ends.

You can keep it that way, but you can also make beautiful huge buns with your braid. It is also fun to experiment with different types of braids. Make a Paranda with 2 strands, then you can also make a Rope Braid for example.

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