The Nautilus Bun, named because the bread looks a bit like a Nautilus shell, is the bun that I always do when I don’t have that much time, don’t feel like doing it extensively or just because it is a lovely bun. This bun can be made super simple, ready in no time and you don’t need anything to fix it. But with my silky, beautiful hair, I always like to stick something out of it.

The hair length that you need for that differs a bit per person. With my excellent, not full hair I could already have it on APL (armpit length), but I also know girls with super thick and lots of hair who could only really get it right after midback (under the breasts). If you twist your hair completely tight and you come around twice, then you can probably do this bun. 😉

1. Make a ponytail

Make a low ponytail as I did, or do it beautiful and high for a high bun.

2. Place the palm of your dominant hand under the ponytail

If you are on the right, you take your right hand. You are on the left, then on the left. Slide your hand with the palm up under the ponytail.

3. Make a loop

Ball your hand to a fist and hold your ponytail well. Then turn your hand over. If all goes well, you now have a circle which you bring up.

4. Twist the rest of the hair around the base

You now probably still have a piece of your ponytail about what is hanging loose. Turn this around the ‘base’ of your loop; your loop stays on top

5. Make your circle bigger

The circuit must cross the base, but then it must fit. If necessary, make your loop a little bigger.

You can do this by putting your hand between the loop and spreading your hand or by hooking and pulling your index and middle fingers in the circle of both sides. The hair that you have wrapped around the base turns back a bit so that a little bit may come loose, you can stop it with your other hand, or if you make the loop more full with both sides (thumbs up).

6. Fold the circle over your base

Now it’s time to bring the loop over the plate. To do this, lower it a little and lay it over the plate. Push the bottom up slightly so that it is firmly attached.

7. Insert the stick (or pencil or Flexi) under the base / Push the base well up

The bat is therefore under the middle part and on both sides on top of the loop.

If you dare to wear this knot without securing it with anything, make sure you push the base up properly through the loop. Then you also get a bit more a shell-like shape than when you don’t do this.

8. Ready!

If you have followed all the steps, and you have not scratched anything behind what I mean, then you now have a Nautilus bun!

Okay, are you ready? Switch on the timer! How quickly did you make this knot? I do it in 9 seconds! (already combed in advance) Can you beat me, you think?

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