The three layers that your hair can contain are as follows: The inner layer is the hair marrow, the bark is the middle and thickest part of the nose, and on the outside there is a protective layer consisting of hair scales (also called the scaly layer), and this is of course even the layer that you see on the outside. Whether a hair consists of 2 or 3 layers and how thick these layers make you have fine medium or coarse hair. Let’s go and see exactly how that works with every hair thickness.

Fine hair

If your hair is beautiful, then you have to do it with a layer less. Beautiful hair does not have 3, but 2 layers. Unfortunately, the inner layer, the hair marrow, is missing. But that is not the only reason that your hair is thinner than medium or coarse hair. The bark part, which is usually the middle layer, but with beautiful hair the inner layer, also contains less keratin, and that keratin is very important for the strength of your hair. No marrow and then even a thinner bark, so it’s not so strange that you hardly feel beautiful hair when you roll it between your fingers. That one layer is missing and that the other layer is thin ensures that your fine hair is very fragile and fragile and easily damaged.

On the outside of your hair is the protective cuticle layer, this is like the packaging of your hair, and the scales serve as roof tiles. With fine, healthy hair, the scales are nicely flat and connected. This has the nice consequence that your hair reflects more light and therefore shines much more than medium or coarse hair. Take a photo with a flash, bet you shine her? However, it also has a disadvantage, namely that when the bark is damaged or broken off, the bark on that piece is completely unprotected. With fine hair, you will see breaks and splits appear faster.

Fine hair cannot have much, even when it comes to products that are considered good for your hair. Fine hair quickly becomes saturated, and with a product that is too heavy or a little bit too much, it quickly turns into a weak lifeless whole. With fine hair, you often experience a faster build-up of silicone in the lengths, which makes it feel a bit like plastic. Less is more now sounds very cliché, but it is often true with fine hair. Everything in moderation with fine hair, except love, because fine hair could use some extra love.

Medium / Normal hair

If you have this hair thickness then you are certainly not alone, in countries such as the Netherlands, medium hair is the most common hair thickness. For this reason, medium hair is often called normal hair, but I find this boring, and in addition, I find all hair just normal, so I call it medium because it falls between fine and coarse and is therefore average or medium.

Unlike medium hair, your medium hair almost always consists of 3 layers, with a few exceptions. The bark in your hair contains more keratin anyway than with fine hair, even if it contains no marrow, and is, therefore, a bit firmer and thicker.

In addition to having the most common hair in the Netherlands, your hair is also the most versatile of all hair types. You can do a lot with it, it can take a beating, and is easy in terms of care.

Medium hair may sound great, but we all have to remain realistic. Even if you have this hair texture, you will encounter challenges because hair thickness does not say everything. In addition, each hair type has its own specifics and beauty, so don’t worry if you don’t have medium hair. There must be a difference; that is what makes it so much fun!

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