This method is helpful to counteract the slightly drying effect of the coffee

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of ground coffee with one tablespoon of boiling water
  2. Add two tablespoons of conditioner (or hair mask) to get a thick paste
  3. Leave on for at least 15 minutes

Nice to know:

  • You often only see a change in color several times
  • By allowing it to take in longer or doing it more often, the color becomes even darker
  • Your hair follicles, on the other hand, can only absorb a certain amount of caffeine, so for hair growth and hair loss it is not necessarily useful to make stronger coffee but for the color, it can.
  • Caffeine stimulates, so it is wise to do a coffee rinse in the morning or the afternoon.
  • Caffeine is also addictive. Well, through your scalp, you don’t get that much caffeine, and it is probably not so bad, but it is something to keep in mind. There are very mild withdrawal symptoms, incidentally, should you become addicted.
  • Because caffeine is addictive, you may need more and more to get an effect. So it is good to take a break every so often or not to do the rinses too often one after the other. If you do it once or twice a week, it is not a disaster, if you do it every day, for example, do one week and three weeks not.
  • If you have blond hair and you also want to enhance your color, herbal tea rinses are better. Real Chamomile is a lovely herb for this.
  • Because the effect is temporary, you must do the rinses regularly
  • Start with the weakest coffee ever. With strong coffee, you may suffer from headaches and nausea, especially if you never drink coffee.

My experience with the coffee rinse

Not flushing out is an evil plan

Because I’m so used to apple cider vinegar, I ended up with the coffee and didn’t flush it out anymore. I hoped that this would make the color look more beautiful – even if it was only the first time and you often see this only after 2x – and that the effect would be more significant. What I especially noticed was that my beautiful white towels – how stupid can you be? – Were utterly full of coffee stains. So next time, I will rinse thoroughly before I even take one step outside of my shower cubicle.

Difference in color

I didn’t see a difference in color at; first, and I mainly noticed that my hair was a little drier in the dots.

Then I went to take pictures for another article in the afternoon, and a few were accidentally overexposed. And then I noticed that I saw a clear difference between my growth and my dyed hair. That’s funny because you usually don’t see that. It also turned out that my outgrowth was much further than I thought, I can almost call it a dip-dye. 😛 Although my dyed dots had not changed color, my undyed virgin hair was a bit deeper.

The coffee smell is not my thing

Another thing was that I became quite nauseous while applying the coffee in the shower. My stomach was bothering me, and I think the smell alone is enough to upset my stomach. I was also not so happy with the scent that lingered in my hair, I smell a lot of coffee, even two days later. So my advice is to really start with very weak coffee and possibly build it up then to somewhat stronger coffee.

Unexpected effect

There was one thing that I found striking. I have problems with my blood circulation so that the blood does not flow properly back to my brain, and therefore, I am very pale in my face. I came out of the shower, and I was so surprised, my face was almost the same color as the rest of my body. – I call myself duo Menotti because my body is very brown and my face is ashen. – It hasn’t been like that for ten years. Unfortunately, it was only temporary.

I know that coffee has a stimulating effect on the bloodstream, so I suspect that more blood has started to flow to the face and scalp through the coffee. That also explains why I got a slight headache during and after the coffee rinse. I wonder if this will be the case next time, would be extra motivation to keep doing this.

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