I don’t like coffee very much. No, give me a nice cup of tea. It is that my visitors so much love to drink coffee (and repeatedly let me know with ‘I live on coffee’, as if they would fall dead and rise like zombies if I didn’t provide them with a cup of coffee) that after 4 have been living on my own for months and have brought a coffee maker into my home.

But actually, I got up early in the morning to make my coffee. And this time not for the visitors or myself. You will probably feel it coming …

The benefits of a coffee rinse at a glance

Why would you want to pour your precious coffee over your hair and scalp:

  • To (temporarily) reduce hair loss, especially when it comes to Androgenetic Alopecia (a form of baldness that occurs in both men and women)
  • To speed up your hair growth
  • To extend the duration of your hair growth
  • To give yourself and your scalp a boost (do not use in the evening, because then you will not sleep)
  • To thicken your henna mixture and provide a red-brown instead of an orange-red glow
  • To strengthen your dark hair color (temporarily) or to make low-lights stand out better. (this can also be prevented, for the blondes among us)
  • To make your hair shine more
  • To prevent hair damage
  • To retain moisture in your hair
  • Because of the odor

How it works

Your hair follicles absorb the caffeine

Coffee contains caffeine; you probably already knew that. That is the substance that has a stimulating effect, and that is also a little addictive. But did you also know that your hair follicles (the grow rooms of your hair) could absorb caffeine? Several studies show that after applying caffeine to the skin, this happens within 2 minutes. When scientists blocked the hair follicles and used caffeine (so it had to be absorbed through the sweat glands, etc.), it turned out to take half an hour before the substance got into the blood. But the follicles not only absorb the caffeine, but they also store it so that it does not immediately disappear from the hair follicles and the effect is therefore still noticeable even after eight days.

The caffeine stimulates the hair follicles

Several studies show that caffeine stimulates the hair follicles – they give them a big kick in the butt – so that hair growth gets a considerable boost. Not only is more hair growing – this is especially the case when there are ‘sleeping’ hair follicles – but the hair is also growing faster and for a longer time before it falls out.

For example, 1 study in men with Androgenetic Alopecia showed that hair growth had increased by 45%, the life cycle of the follicles was extended by 37% and the speed at which hairs grew between 33, and 40% had increased. And even a week later there was still faster hair growth.

Other studies also endorse this result, including those that have been tested for ‘healthy’ people. Caffeine has a positive effect on the hair follicles in everyone but is of course especially interesting if you suffer from baldness. If you are not involved in this, you probably do not worry too much about your hair growth.

Inhibits the effects of DHT: A significant player in Androgenetic Alopecia

One result of caffeine, however, mainly applies to Alopecia and not so much to people who are not bothered by it.

Caffeine has been shown to counteract the effects of the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) substance. DHT is a substance that originates from the sex hormone testosterone, which increases during meno and menopause. That’s why you see the Alopecia occurs primarily around you 50 e or worse around that time (it is also largely genetically determined, so all around you, 20 e may occur baldness).

Dihydrotestosterone plays a massive role in AndrogENTic Alopecia, and by counteracting its action, baldness can be considerably reduced.

More color and more shine

You would almost forget it, but the coffee not only works well for your hair follicles. Coffee has a pH value of between 5 and 6. It is therefore slightly acidic, which means that it is perfectly suitable for your hair. The scales of the hair go or stay nice and flat, so your hair is damaged less quickly, loses less moisture, and shines more. However, if you pour the coffee pure over your hair, the acid can be just a little too much for your hair and your hair to dry out. So it is better to end up with conditioner, mix it with conditioner or do the coffee rinse while there is conditioner in the hair.

Because coffee stains enormously (my table and counter know this all too well), it also leaves color on your hair. It can make dark hair deeper in color, and produce lighter hair darker. It can also make lowlights stand out more. If you don’t want a coffee color as a blonde, you can also use certain teas (such as Real Chamomile), or you can pour the coffee over conditioner.


The Rinse Method

  1. Make a lot of coffee
  • Use ground coffee and not instant (ready-to-eat) coffee because there are other things added that you don’t want on your scalp
  • There is a maximum of how much caffeine your scalp can absorb. You cannot always achieve more by making robust coffee. Also, especially when you do this for the first time, it is more beautiful to start quietly, because otherwise you can get a considerable headache and suffer from nausea.
  1. First, let the coffee cool down
  • You do not, of course, want to burn your scalp and hair
  • Hot or cold makes little difference to the absorption of caffeine; it is absorbed in lightning speed.
  1. Pour it over your head in the shower and let it in for at least 15 minutes
  • To ensure that the coffee is well distributed over your hair, it is best to dip your hair in the coffee before you pour it over your scalp.
  • After 2 minutes, the follicles begin to absorb the caffeine
  • A lot longer than half an hour is of little use to the follicles, but it can further deepen your hair color.
  1. Rinse it out (or not)
  • You can rinse it out (I recommend it), but you can also leave it in your hair and get out of the shower. Remember: as long as your hair is wet, everything will be covered with coffee stains.
  • You don’t necessarily have to use the coffee last in your routine. You can also do it after washing, and then apply conditioner over it.
  • Coffee can be somewhat drying out, so following up with conditioner is a good idea anyway.
  • Coffee has a suitable pH value, so if you end up with coffee you don’t have to rinse Apple cider vinegar

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