Keeping up is the key

Ain’t nobody got time for that! I will confess it can be quite time-consuming. But who says you have to do everything in one go? That is the good thing about S&D; Unlike a big haircut, you can just stop halfway and decide to continue next week. And if you keep it up to date, you will notice that you do not have to cut as much and that sometimes you only need a few minutes a week or even a month. In addition, whether you go to the hairdresser once in 6 weeks or whether you do an S&D session for 10 minutes every week. Only in the beginning will you probably have to put a little more work into it.

Keep it realistic that some split ends are really not a disaster, just look at how much hair we have; it’s almost impossible to really cut out all split ends and breaks.

You settle immediately with split points and fractions

If you want to grow your hair for a long time (or if you don’t have that much money), it is possible that you are a champion in postponing haircuts. You wait just as long until you can’t do anything else. In those weeks (or months) between sessions you collect more and more split points and fractions, which in the meantime crawl further up. With S&D you can intervene immediately, your scissors are ready for grabs, this greatly benefits the health of your hair, and you can postpone your big haircut much further or even simply adjust it completely, and you won’t lose any visible length. 😛

You also take high fractions and split points with you

Well, you can think: a haircut is much more effective, isn’t it? Hops! All those split points and fractures in one go! But that’s not true. Split ends and breaks can be spread throughout your hair; they don’t have to be just at the bottom of your hair. Just think of the fractures that you cause by always making a high ponytail in the same place. You do not take them with you if you only remove 2 cm from the bottom. With S&D you can also cut those hairs that you don’t get with a normal haircut.

Now there is something to be said for a normal haircut if you really have a lot of splits ends at the bottom of your hair, sometimes you just can’t finish it with just S&D. But in any case, I recommend that you go to S & D’en next to a haircut to also deal with that great damage.

You only cut what is needed

If you look at how much hair we do not have and how small a percentage of it is split or broken, it is simply a shame that with a haircut over the entire length you can also cut off the large majority of healthy hair. That is just like throwing away hundreds of apples because there is one rotten in between. You cut a lot of healthy hair, and you lose length, while in many cases that is not necessary. With S&D, you only cut the hairs that really need to be cut and leave the healthy hairs alone.

You don’t have to be afraid of uneven hair

You don’t have to worry that your hair will be hugely wrong with S & D’en. Our hair already consists of hairs of all different lengths. They have not all started to grow at the same time, that is also a good thing because otherwise they would all fall out simultaneously and you would be bald every few years. So a few more hairs that are shorter than your longest hairs do not stand out, especially when you consider how much hair we do have.

It is true that over time, whether you are S & D or not, your ‘hemline’ becomes less beautiful, your hair at the bottom thins out, and your hairstyle loses its shape, then it may be nice to just put it on refresh with a small haircut across the entire width. A few mm often suffices to create a nice straight line, u-shape or v-shape. (or you can, of course, go for fairytale ends and leave it that way). With Feye’s Method, you can easily cut your hair into a beautiful shape yourself.

How do you do ‘Search and Destroy’?

How you do it, how often you do it and how long you do it at a time is really up to you. There are only a few points (pun intended) that you should really pay attention to:

  • Get a sharp pair of scissors
  • Always cut the hair straight (!)
  • Make sure you have good light
  • Don’t skip. You really don’t have to cut out every break or split hair, everything you cut is included. It must remain realistic. Sometimes a 2 cm cut is simply easier if you have a lot of split points at the bottom.

Do you already participate in S&D?

Occasionally I sometimes take a few cm’s off when I want to freshen up my hemline or get rid of many split points in one go. The latter happens, especially if I have been naughty and have not had S & D for a while or have done something with my hair that I should not have done. But I notice that as long as I regularly use S&D (and don’t do anything stupid) and oil, I can really keep the split ends to such a minimum that a haircut is actually almost unnecessary, but it always takes a while.

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