And because she has a bit of a fairytale factor – Which Disney princess is not praised for her beautiful hair? – I thought it would be best to go for a fairytale & myth theme.

I then scoured the entire internet, watched countless Disney movies, read mythological stories and searched Grimm’s fairy tales to find out which hair length belongs to which fairytale character or mythological figure and this is the result!

(If you have lost the extent that your hair falls under, check the hair length chart for the official names with descriptions.)

Fee (Eyebrows)

Gravity has no control over you, and neither does the wind. You fly your way with your short and smooth haircut.

Queen (Ear)

Follow in the footsteps of some powerful female Monarchs with the regal hair length just below your ear. You radiate authority!

Snow White (Kin / CL)

Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who has the most beautiful hair in the country? You! That’s how you should feel with this length. You can enjoy both the benefits of having short hair and long hair with this in-between length.

Cleopatra (Shoulders / SL)

You exude power and beauty with this beautiful length. You go through life like a true Hollywood star.

Cinderella (Armpit / APL)

You do not need a good fairy at all, and you already have beautiful hair with which you can create the most beautiful hairstyles and whatever looks great. And that glass slipper? No, give you a beautiful hair accessory! But just as that glass slipper miraculously only fit Cinderella, your hair is also unique.

Amazon (Chest / BSL)

Radiate power and courage like a real Amazon. Originally a mythical people of female fighters, but now the word Amazon is synonymous with a strong and combative woman.

Mermaid (Mid-back / Mid-back)

As free as a fish mermaid in the water! How wonderful it is that you can now be half-naked and still be properly covered. Admit it, you secretly like that. :

Sleeping Beauty (Waist / WL)

You wake up every day with fairytale hair. And your hair keeps growing even if a prince doesn’t kiss you awake.

Elf (Hip / HL)

Step into the beautiful world of Tolkien and join the elves. Just like Arwen, you now have fairy hair.

Pocahontas (Tail / TBL)

Your hair is so beautiful and long that even the wind cannot resist playing with it.

Eva (Classic / Classic)

As special as the first woman in the world. And holy is your hair!

Godiva (Thigh / Mid-Thigh)

Out with those clothes and get that horse! With all that hair you are still neatly covered! But of course, you can keep being naked to your bedroom and bathroom, and leave the horse outside if you prefer.

Jasmine / Badroulbadour (Knee / KL)

You have stepped out of the stories of Thousand and 1 Night. Baldroulbadour (the original name of Jasmine) means full moon of full moons, and full moons you certainly have that!

Empress / Sissi (Calf / Calf)

Just like Sissi, you are the empress of long hair! We should all bow to your hair.

Venus (Single / Ankle)

As a true goddess, you go through life. And of course as the goddess with perhaps the most beautiful hair.

Rapunzel (Ground +)

You are a true Rapunzel! You sweep the floor with the rest of us with your hair.

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