What is the Golden Ratio?

But first a bit more about what the golden ratio is all about. I honestly didn’t eat much cheese from math, but I’m going to do my best to explain it to you. It is all about the number phi, which comes round to 1.62. (not to be confused with Pi, which is approximately 3.14) This number would be the key to the ideal ratio between one relative to the other.

Division of a Line

In mathematics, the example of a line is mentioned. At which place should you divide the line in two so that the two pieces have the same proportion to each other as the largest piece to the original line? And then the ideal ratio would be one at 1.618 (and a lot of numbers behind it).

Wait; what?! If you now have a line of 100 cm and you divide this into a piece of exactly 38.1966 and a piece of 61.8034 you will end up with the Golden Section. You divide 61.8034 (the length of the longest piece) by 38.1966 (the length of the shortest piece), and you get 1.61803. If you divide 100 (the length of the complete line) by 61.8034 (the length of the longest part), you will also end up at 1.61803.

The Golden Section is Everywhere

The ratio of 1.62 can be found in several things, and often these things are considered ‘beautiful,’ whether or not you are aware of the Golden Section. In other math cases, phi plays a role, such as in the Fibonacci series, the two being almost inseparable from each other. But also in nature, you see it reflected in the pattern in the heart of a sunflower, in the art such as the Mona Lisa, and music such as in the construction of piano keys. And also in the human body, proportions that correspond to the golden ratio can be found, such as in your fingers and face.

The Golden Section is therefore called the Divine Proportion, because it was thought that it could not be a coincidence that this relationship could be found in so many things and that it, therefore, had to be something Divine. Especially because it is associated with ‘beautiful’ and symmetrical.

So you could also use it very well to calculate the ideal, the most beautiful, hair length in relation to your height. Let’s go and do that then.

How do you calculate your Ideal Hair Length?

Do your brains hurt? Beautiful! Because I am going to hurt them a little further, by making you count yourself. But rest assured, this is a fairly simple exercise. To calculate your ‘ideal’ hair length, do the following:

(61.8 x your height in cm) / 100

With my 1 meter 65 you get:

(61.8 x 165) / 100 = 101.97

For the sake of convenience, let’s just make it 102 cm.

Keep in mind that this is the length measured from your crown and not from your forehead. If you measure from your forehead, you probably have to add about 8 cm to it, that’s right for most people.

For me this length would be the classic length, just over my buttocks. 😛

If you are now 1.70, you would get the following:

(61.8 x 170) / 100 = 105.06

A few more examples:

160 cm: (61.8 x 160) / 100 = 98.88 cm

162 cm: (61.8 x 162) / 100 = 100.12 cm

167 cm: (61.8 x 167) / 100 = 103.21 cm

172 cm: (61.8 x 172) / 100 = 106.30 cm

175 cm: (61.8 x 175) / 100 = 108.15 cm

Don’t forget to add 8 cm if you measure from your forehead instead of your crown.

What you might notice is that it’s pretty much the Classic Length for everyone (over your ass). If you want to know more about the distribution of hair lengths and their names.

Is this really my ideal height?

That according to the Golden Ratio, it would be the ‘most beautiful’ length for you does not mean that you have to agree with this. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; of course, you simply determine this for yourself.

And perhaps it is an ideal length in relation to your height, but I think you should also include physique in what the best length is for you. I have short legs and a long back, and I am a pear shape with wide hips and a slim waist. If I let my hair grow to my hips, I can imagine that it will only be accentuated, in that respect I would prefer it to accentuate my waist. But who knows, ‘butt length’ is indeed the nicest length for me, I have never had it that long so I don’t know, it is certainly a nice motivation to make it grow to that height. 😀

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