Tools for the successful No ‘Poo-er

With washing alone, you are often not there yet.

Scritching and Preening and the Boar Bristle Brush

The BBB is a brush made of boar hair. It can ‘take-along’ the sebum while you brush your hair so that the sebum is spread well over your hair.

There are costly variants – such as the Mason Pearson-, but you also have cheaper versions that you can buy at the drugstore.

There is not a good translation for S&P, but scritching means massaging your scalp with your fingers. This releases dirt and dead skin cells and releases sebum. Then you ‘ preen ‘ with your BBB by merely brushing the sebum towards your dots.

Make sure your hair is always free of tangles before you grab the BBB because the brush is not intended to detangle your hair.

Massaging also stimulates the blood flow to your hair, which is good for hair growth, so that is nice.

Dry shampoo

Nobody likes walking around with greasy hair, but you can hardly escape it during the transition phase. Dry shampoo can, therefore, be a real solution to make your hair look healthy. It is best to use natural dry shampoo because many commercial dry shampoos are not suitable for your hair and are difficult to wash.

Choose a method that suits you

If you have decided that you want to try it, you can choose one of the above washing methods, but you can also alternate them if you prefer. For example, you can choose to do Conditioner Only and occasionally Water Only once in a while.

Equal or gradual?

You also do not have to switch from shampoo to something else at once. You can also take it a bit easier and wash your hair less often with shampoo and more often with something else. The transition phase will then receive a little longer, but then it will also be a lot less intense. Even if you wash your hair only one timeless with shampoo, you still have won something.

How often do you wash?

Decide for yourself how often you would like to wash your hair. For example, once a week is an excellent frequency for many people, but more often is not prohibited. Less commonly, by the way. Once every six weeks, however, the minimum is a bit.

Keep an eye on your scalp …

Do not skip the Scritching & Preening part. It is vital to ensure that dead skin cells and dirt do not accumulate on your scalp. This also prevents a lot of scalp problems.

Keep a close eye on your scalp anyway. If your scalp is starting to bother you, do treatment with Neutral Henna right away and if that doesn’t help, don’t hesitate and grab the shampoo.

… but don’t forget your hair either

Continue to take good care of your hair. If you do Conditioner Only, that’s generally okay. But with Water Only and Baking Soda /ACV, your dots require extra attention, especially in the beginning. You can also continue to use nurturing products such as oil, conditioners, hair masks, and the entire reutemetut during your No ‘Poo adventure, after all, it is about the health of your scalp and your hair in the No’ Poo story.

Do not give up

If you are dealing with a fierce transition phase, something that you mainly see at Baking Soda and Water Only, the first few weeks can be hell. But once you get through it, then it is more than worth it.

My own experiences and opinion

I am Low ‘Poo-er myself. That means that I occasionally use a mild shampoo, but that I usually wash with something else. Although I was bare with shampoo, I think I will not give up entirely for the time being, because of seborrheic eczema that is bothering me and the build-up I occasionally get from some products.

I mainly use Conditioner Only. And although my scalp, my hair and I like that very much – I am less troubled by scalp problems, and my hair has become much healthier – I notice very little difference in how fast my hair gets greasy. I still have to wash it every other day, sometimes even every day. But on the other hand, with Conditioner Only I have not been bothered by a transition phase either, the amount of greasiness remained the same.

I also did Water Only once for six weeks, that was hellish, and that didn’t help against my greasy hair.

I also don’t think that greasy hair is purely caused by shampoo. How many sebum is produced depends for many of us on hormones, the size, and sensitivity of sebaceous glands, and how many sebaceous glands you have. Those are things that don’t change with shampoo.

That does not mean that No ‘Poo can not provide greasy hair less quickly; it is just that I naturally have oily skin and that in my case, it has little to do with shampoo.

But the fact that I partly went No ‘Poo is the best thing I’ve done so far for my hair, so I’m not complaining. I certainly recommend everyone to wash with shampoo less often.

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