That is what a member of LHC did. She called on ladies with minimal tailbone hair length (tailbone) to share their tips and hair care routine.

The most frequently given answer may surprise you. No complicated, extensive routines, no witch brewery in the kitchen, no, almost every lady mentioned a straightforward answer: wear your hair up and forget it!

Why are braids and buns so good for long hair?

“Have a lot of patience, put it in a bun or braid and don’t worry about your hair and enjoy your day.” Can it be as simple as that? According to the ladies who answer the question at LHC, it does (or at least: it helps enormously). But why?

Your hair goes through a lot

The longer your hair, the more it has experienced. And our hair has to withstand a lot daily. We wash it, comb it, we go through it again and again, and we spread all kinds of brews on our hair and not always with success. Also, the longer it gets, the more it tends to intervene: we are on it, we are on it, it is stuck under our bag belts, in zippers and you can no longer safely close a car door.

Putting up prevents damage

By putting up your hair, you remove many harmful influences from outside (you also don’t have to keep checking if your hair isn’t stuck somewhere). It will not wear as quickly, so you will have fewer problems with a broken nose and split ends. As a result, you ultimately have to cut less, making growing suddenly a lot easier.

What should you look for when making hairstyles?

However, not every hairstyle is suitable as a ‘hair-protecting’ style. You should pay attention to these things:

  • Do not choose a hairstyle that you need to back up
  • Try to avoid harmful hair accessories, such as sliders and clips, in your hairstyle
  • Instead, use hair sticks, rubber bands WITHOUT a metal piece, a paranda, a flexi8 or nothing at all
  • Vary, so that not every day your hair is under pressure on the same part and you don’t get bored

What are good hairstyles?

Especially buns where you can hide your dots under the rest of your hair are very suitable. No idea which buns, braids or other hairstyles you could make? With these five buns you are in any case good:

  • Nautilus Bun
  • Gibraltar Bun
  • Celtic Bun
  • Chinese bun
  • French twist bun

“Extra tip: put some oil on your tips before you light it up. It lays a protective layer on your hair and helps keep it healthy. And if you have used a bit too much and will it look fat? No problem, it does not stand out when you light it up!

Growth, growth, growth!

So don’t ‘ make me crazy, throw your hair loose,’ but ‘ don’t let it make you mad, put your hair up! “. And if you then decide to throw your hair loose again after a while, you will find that it has suddenly grown a whole lot.

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